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FilaSorb Panels

FilaSorb Panels

Acoufelt’s collection of acoustic screens epitomise the modern design and flexibility capabilities of acoustic treatment within shared spaces. Acoufelt have developed a range of multi-purpose screens that deliver on acoustics, privacy, modern aesthetic design and light penetration. Screens can be used to partition a room or area within a shared space, be hung in front of windows and internal glass to limit sound reverberation, and create spatial privacy – all while allowing light to penetrate through.

The Screen collection represents an assortment of six hand-selected patterns cut from a FilaSorb™ acoustic panel for glass and hanging applications. Acoufelt Screens are comprised of FilaSorb™, contributing to both the acoustic performance of the product, as well as the smooth surface finish.



Surface:  Wall
Composition:  100% Polyester
Material:  FilaSorb™
Recycled Content:  60% min.
NRC Rating:  0.25 – 0.45 min.
Thickness:  12mm +/- 10% | 0.47” +/- 10%  |  24mm +/- 10% | 0.94” +/- 10%
Dimensions:  1220mm x 2800mm | 48”x 110”
Fire Test: AS ISO 9705: 2003 Group 1, ASTM E84-17a Class A, ISO 9705: 1993 Group 1




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