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AcoustiCork products provide the thinnest, most efficient and cost-effective solutions in sound control underlayment. 


Agglomerated cork and recycled materials layers are pressure-resistant and an effective way to provide reliable protection of the flooring against damage improving the acoustic performance of all systems.

The Acousticork underlayments range can be the solution to insulate new builds, refurbishments and bespoke architectural projects including residential commercial and education settings.

100% produced from recycled and natural materials, Acousticork underlayments are totally sustainable solutions that are compatible with underfloor heating systems, suited for leveling out localized uneven areas, able to withstand repeated loads of short duration, resistant with very heavy loads, protects floor from the damages on the click-system joints, promote a long term resilience and enhancing warmth, comfort and sound properties.


Solutions for different types of final flooring


The flooring material which overlies the underlayment can be any of a variety of structures, such as non-glued laminate flooring, glued down wood, ceramic or natural stone or even a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) – now one of the biggest trends in todays flooring market.

The Acousticork soundproof underlayments range was designed to attenuate impact sound at source on different type of subfloor and offers general purpose acoustic underlayments that permit the use of the same resilient layer with a constant thickness in all building and underlayments developed with a specific propose with specific requirements as well.


NZ Stock:
Acousticork T61 – 100% pure cork in 3mm and 5mm  –  1000mm x 15mtr rolls
Acousticork T66 – Recycled and Natural products 3mm – 1000mm x 15mtr rolls
Acousticork ECOdb21 – Recycled and Natural products 1.6mm – 1000mm x 15mtr rolls

Indent Stock:
Acoustic T85 – Recycled and Natural products 2mm – 1000mm x 10mtr rolls

Contact one of our team today to discuss your requirements and establish an underlay suited to your project. 

Check out this video here, highlighting the benefits and advantages of using a natural cork based underlayment..


  • 100% Natural and Sustainable
  • Impact Noise Reduction
  • Thermal Insulation Properties
  • High Durability and Long Term Resistance
  • High Performance with Reduced Thickness





   T61 MDS               T66 MDS             T85 MDS            ECOdb21 MDS          Acousticork


Sustainability Accredidations & Awards


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