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Here at Quantum we love to improve life’s spaces with our large selection of flooring and wall options. To ensure your space continues to look as stunning as the day it was installed and continues to perform like it’s brand new, here’s some care tips and tricks:



For a general routine clean, start by sweeping, vacuuming or dusting the surface of your tiles prior to cleaning. We recommend using AquaSeal Ezy Clean; dilute this solution with hot water and use this to mop or wipe the surfaces of the tiles. Agitate product with a microfibre mop, scrub brush, or nylon pad, then rinse off leftover residue with hot, clean water.

For the occasional deep-clean try AquaSeal Xtreme Clean, following the same steps as above, but allowing a few minutes for the product to soak into the tiles. Do not allow the product to dry when soaking.

Always make sure to rinse off leftover product



For wood-look products like Wise Wood use a vacuum cleaner with good suction power and air flow in high traffic and tracked soil areas, and mop using a mild detergent and lightly moistened mop – we mean it when we say lightly! Using too much water or letting water accumulate on the ground can cause swelling over time.

For natural cork surfaces like Wise Cork and Cork Pure use the same methods as above; regular and effective vacuuming and mopping will prevent build-up in any natural surface indentations, and periodic deep cleans, or spot cleaning for grime or surface build up – use Bona Timber Deep Cleaner.

And for our cork wall product, Dekwall, lightly dust on a regular basis or when required, to prevent build-up of any dust on textured surfaces. For spot cleaning, use a dampened cloth and lightly wipe or dab.



For our Axiom Carpet range use a vacuum with good brush action and high air flow – in higher traffic areas and tracked-in-soil areas vacuum daily.

Most stains can be avoided by immediate treatment, clean up spills immediately and always work from the outside of the mess towards the centre. We recommend having some kind of spotting kit on hand in both residential and commercial fit outs. 


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