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Want a Wiser choice of flooring? Consider the WISE Cork and WISE Wood ranges!

Created by Amorim in Portugal, and supplied to you in New Zealand by Quantum for over two years, it has been a popular flooring optin since we first imported it in and we can see why! We – and all our satisfied customers- love that WISE has a focus on green production process and use of natural, sustainable, and recyclable materials!

This green process begins in the Montado Cork Oak forests in Portugal with the ancient process of stripping the bark of the cork oak. This delicate operation is performed by specialists and takes place between May and August, when the tree is at its most active time of growth and it is easier to remove the bark from the trunk.
The cork can only be removed every nine years to prevent exploitation; over the course of its lifetime, a cork oak may be stripped around 17 times, which means that the harvesting of the cork will last roughly 150 years, on average. And the trees themselves live even longer than that!

 Stripping is carried out manually, which means that the trees do not have to be cut down; in fact, the cork oak undergoes a self-regeneration process of the bark, which gives the activity of cork harvesting a uniquely sustainable nature. What’s even better, during this natural regeneration process post-harvesting, the tree’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide increases up to five times.
In short: the more it is harvested, the more it protects the environment!

Quantum stocks two different visuals in the wise range: Cork and Wood in a stunning range of colours for both. Check out our website to see all the options!
Here at Quantum we feel that cork is the quintessential 21st-century material, combining unbeatable sustainability and unique visual aesthetics; it’s popularity is only growing and we are excited to continue to supply this amazing product to you all.
Contact us for pricing, quotes, and how to get your hands on some samples!


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