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 Home office feature wall in Gold Coast Hinterland

Sarah Niss, Director of New Partnerships APAC at  ‘Studiosity’ and partner Greg Gladman, Managing Director at ‘Sales and Leadership Performance’, have the flexibility of working part-time from their home office in Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland. The Gold Coast Hinterland is full of unspoilt Gondwana rainforest, containing a diversity of native flora and fauna. Sarah and Greg’s love of nature and the outdoors drew them to this location, where they have been living and working from for the last 3 years.

Greg and Sarah’s daily tasks include answering emails, curating content, making phone calls, and filming coaching videos. However, with two adjacent windows and one whiteboard wall, these hard surfaces were contributing to sound reverberation, resulting in a negative acoustic environment in their home office. Sarah and Greg not only complained of the noise coming from other rooms of the house, but their clients also complained of the echo heard on phone and video calls.

In March 2020, Greg came across Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet™ collection. The WoodBeQuiet™ collection of acoustic planks are composed from polyester fibres with more than 60% recycled content, and are printed to appear like real wood using a high-resolution printing technique that doesn’t impede acoustic performance. Having viewed the range of colourway options, Sarah decided on WoodBeQuiet™ in colourway ‘Log Cabin’, which mimicked the wood grain of the trees from the outside Hinterland.

Since installing WoodbeQuiet™ in their home office, Greg and Sarah have noticed a substantial improvement in the acoustics of the space. Not only has the install significantly reduced the sound reverberation problems, but Sarah, Greg and their clients have also commented on how the WoodBeQuiet™ feature wall has greatly lifted the aesthetic of the room.  

Check out the video below for Sarah’s full commentary on their home office WoodBeQuiet™ transformation.


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