Design Experience
Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch | July 2022

The Design Experience is a series of events up and down the country, our team was lucky enough to be able to attend three of these:
CHRISTCHURCH Tuesday 19 July 2022
WELLINGTON Wednesday 20 July 2022
AUCKLAND Thursday 21 July 2022

A not-to-be-missed series of events for Industry professionals exploring the trends that are changing the face of architecture and design around the world. With plenty of food and wine and the perfect environment to grow your knowledge, network with peers and experience first-hand the best your industry has to offer. Our team said it was "great to connect with a good number of designers and architects that took out time to come along. Encouraging to meet a number of graduates coming through...the future of NZs architectural scene, soaking up new design and material concepts!"
We’re looking forward to returning in 2023!

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