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Handmade cork visuals designed to bring nature in. Each panel is unique, creating a stunning natural flow throughout any space. 



Agglomerated cork and recycled material layers are pressure-resistant and an effective way to provide reliable protection of the flooring against damage, whilst improving the acoustic performance of all systems

100% produced from recycled and natural materials, Acousticork underlayments are totally sustainable solutions that are compatible with underfloor heating systems, suited for leveling out localized uneven areas, able to withstand repeated loads of short duration, resistant with very heavy loads, protects floor from the damages on the click-system joints, promote a long term resilience and enhancing warmth, comfort and sound properties.

Acousticork T61 (Timber – Laminates – Ceramics* )  
100% natural pure cork. 
 –  1000mm x 15mtr rolls
5mm  – currently indent. 1000mm x 10mtr rolls

Acousticork T66  (Ceramic – Laminates – Timber)   
Recycled and Natural products
– 1000mm x 15mtr rolls

Acousticork ECOdb21 (LVT – Timber – Laminates)
Recycled and Natural products
– 1000mm x 15mtr rolls 

Acousticork –  it’s one of nature’s most extraordinary gifts and available here in NZ. 

Please note: Lead times may apply to some products – approx European lead times currently sit at around 20-25 weeks. 




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