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Cork Pure.

Handmade cork visuals designed to bring nature in. Each panel is unique, creating a stunning natural flow throughout any space. 

Cork Pure.


Cork Pure…natures gift to you. Sustainable and beautiful. 

Cork Pure offers a collection of beautiful cork visuals, with the cork being a 100% natural and sustainable material derived from the bark of a cork oak tree.  The perfect balance between your wellbeing and respect for nature. The natural composition of the cork results in a quiet, warm and cozy comfort underfoot, easing the impact on our bodies and reducing tension. 


  • 100% Natural Cork 
  • Decorative cork visuals in an array of styles and tones. 
  • PU protective surface wear layer.
  • 10 year warranty for residential use. Class 23.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards in Portugal.
  • Glue down installation with no underlay required.
  • 6mm thickness for durability and comfort. 
  • Bevel / Square Edge (subject to Sku item) 

Experience Cork Pure for yourself – it’s one of nature’s most extraordinary gifts and available here in NZ. 

Size/s: 300×600
            150×600 (Traces Moonlight/Tea)
Packaging: TBA

Please note: Cork Pure is standard with PU surface. It is recommended that further coats of ‘Bona Traffic HD’ be applied post installation, to further protect and extend the life of the flooring. 




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