Award Winning Kitchen

Katie Scott from Sticks + Stones has outdone herself once again with another stunning design using Quantum’s Fez tiles.

This kitchen scullery combines both modern and classic – something that was reiterated throughout the whole design. Katie explained, the house itself was brand new and super modern, but after meeting with the clients themselves she realised their personal aesthetic was much more classic – combining a love of mid-century pottery and antique design.

Katie knew she would have to design a home that blended these two things together, combining the two different eras of style to create something neither contemporary nor classic but perfectly unique to this home.

For Katie, picking Fez was easy “it just worked really well,” she said. A modern style of tile but with the hand-made look and texture that made it stand out from the other pretty but simple options, and helped to marry together the two distinct styles – plus, it just looks good!

And we aren't the only ones who thought so: this kitchen won the Creative Excellence in Kitchen Design Award and the Visual Impact Award in the 2022 National Kitchen & Bathroom Association - NZ Excellence in Design Awards this month.

We can't wait to see what Sticks + Stones does with our products next!

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